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“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself afire.” – Reggie Leach

People often look to others for the encouraging word or vote of confidence before taking action, allowing borrowed confidence to be the only confidence they display. Confidence is a choice and as such each of us has the ability to display true confidence at any time. Sometimes it is necessary to take that first step of faith yourself, based on your own beliefs, your own ideals, your own understanding. This is often true for entrepreneurs. While many people may discourage them from taking that first step, it is the entrepreneur that takes the risks, chooses confidence and has the greatest opportunity for monetary success. Perhaps each of us should take a note from these fine individuals and choose to take that first step toward our goals, our dreams, our greatest aspirations no matter what anyone may say or think.

Let’s each strike up match and watch our passions burn.