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When opportunity knocks, are you there to answer?

It has been an interesting 12 months and as I typically do this time of year, I have been surveying my accomplishments of the past year and planning for the year to come.

In my line of work, I often talk with clients about the opportunities before them and we explore what those opportunities might look like. It dawned on me today, however, that many times opportunity knocks and we don’t recognize it… we don’t know that answering the door is our easiest and best path to the life of our dreams.

This led me to speculate just how many times opportunity has knocked at my door in the past 12 months and was I willing or ready to answer it when the time came?

Recently as I sat in my office looking at the white board with the outline and scribbled writings for a potential new webcast training our business could do, I wondered why these musings were still there 10 days later? Why hadn’t we finished this project? There was great energy as we started the discussion. I began to take notes and then somehow, the energy shifted. What was that? Was it me or my partner? Was this project moving forward? Why had it stalled? Where was the momentum to get to done?

I found myself filled with questions that I have heard myself ask clients so many times before? Where are you at now? What do you want? What will it take to get there? Those are not the traditional questions I would have asked in the past… when I would have settled for ‘What happened? What got in the way of your goals? What was your part in the action plan?’

In the past I would have settled for the reasons and excuses as to why I was not where I wanted to be; where I deserved to be with my business and with my life. And then it dawned on me, this was another opportunity that had knocked and I just wasn’t there to answer the call. I had not used my training and resources to move forward into action and get to done. I was holding me back because I had not prioritized this into my goals for our business. I had allowed personal stuff to get in the way.

These moments of clarity come so frequently now that I laughed at myself and took out my laptop to capture what we had done so far, add some notes and then forward it on to my partner so that the project would move forward. I knew instinctively that this IS a great idea and has so much potential. For us to just leave it hanging there unfinished on the white board was nearly criminal.

After taking action, I was able to take time to reflect on what had really stalled us. This time around, I felt the lack of focus and yearning for clear objectives and goals to be established beating on my chest. My heart ached for the momentum that had consumed us and was lost 10 days previously.   I took a deep breath… and then another.

Focus. What did I want to accomplish? I do not typically wander aimlessly through my days, but I wondered what else I might be missing? What other opportunities were already knocking at those goals I set last month? I took out my goals for January and started to look at them again.

Yep, I had tucked them into the drawer and they were not in the forefront of my mind. I had gotten busy in the busy-ness of business again. I had been extremely busy during the past week and a half, but I had made little progress toward the goals I had set. It was time for me to clear my mind, push the reset button and move on.

As I have presented to several groups this month on goal setting, there are such great intentions people make with goal setting, or as we call them on New Year’s Eve… Resolutions. And in the beginning there is momentum to move toward the goals, however, as time passes, old habits get in the way. For goals and resolutions to be successful, you have to do something you have never done before, which likely includes breaking old habits.

Many find it easy to say what they want, yet few actually take time to write their goals down. Writing your goals is a clear signal to your unconscious mind that you are serious about taking action, because the mere writing of the goals is action itself! Take time to write your goals in all areas of your life: Health and Fitness, Business and Career, Personal Growth and Spirituality, Relationships or any other category that is important to you. Set goals for the next month, the next year, for five years into the future. Dream big! You are worth it!!!

And then consider this… If you want to create something new, you have to do something different than you have done before. You have to step outside your comfort zone, if only a little to reach for what you want. This year I encourage you to reach for one thing you want this week… and another thing you want next week. Little goals easily achieved build momentum and sets you on the path for a year full of accomplishments and joy.

Remember, opportunity is all around us. When opportunity knocks, answer the door!

Kris Aanderud, CHt