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Adjusting the Sails!

sailboatw Rohn quote

Have you ever had one of those weeks when things just begin to cascade out of control, like there was a storm brewing of major proportions?  Where the circumstances of your life collided head-long into gale force winds that take you completely off course?

And how often are you  left wondering how you got here and how do you get back to where you started? The truth is you never get back to where you began, and I am so thankful when a situation that some have characterized as negative shifts into a positive result!

It seems like sometimes things just spiral out of control because of a single carefree moment that is judged or criticized by others. I recently had this experience and like so often, I went through the events and circumstances in my mind, over and over again trying to discern what I might have changed.  However, changing the past is not something I can do… I can only impact the future by my actions from today forward. I have discovered that by focusing my attention on a positive outcome for myself and others involved, I am often able to share a positive result for the community or organizations with which I work.

In my coaching and training practice, I teach meditation, leadership and goal-setting techniques, creative visualization, career transition skills and a number of other fun workshops to help my clients step into their next level of greatness.  I am a certified trainer for a program called, “Infinite Possibilities:  The Art of Changing Your Life” in which Mike Dooley reminds us that our ‘thoughts become things…’ and we should ‘choose the good ones!’  This is a way of life for me, and a standard upon which we have built our practice.

However when a situation arises which challenges our peace, it can throw people into a tailspin where they become fearful, defensive and even seek revenge.   The results of the negative energy can be devastating because we tell ourselves stories that are simply not true. Our mind goes into default and thinks of the worst possible scenario.

Where did we learn this behavior from and why are we holding onto it for dear life! If we can remember that there is only feedback, we have a chance to look at every encounter with fresh eyes. A genuine sense of wonder and curiosity can really help too! Posing questions rather than making accusations will result in an open dialogue that can lead to mutual benefit and positive results.

When a challenge is approached with positive intent and an open heart, we can almost always find a shining nugget to hold onto that will move us toward a more positive goal. Moving toward what we want in life is always more impactful and motivating than moving away from something that scares us or something we don’t want.

So when faced with what I generally characterize as “opportunities” in life, take a deep breath, look toward the open seas for possibilities yet to be explored and set sail for new territory. The rewards can be far more empowering and joyful than you ever imagined!